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2024 Albuquerque Grand Prix

The Albuquerque Chess Club is announcing a year-long Grand Prix event for players of Albuquerque Chess Club events! Players will earn points at every G/60 Championship section and other Albuquerque Chess Club tournament events. These points will be cumulative for 2024 and the player with the highest point total will be awarded a 2024 Albuquerque Chess Club Grand Prix trophy and $500 cash prize!

Grand Prix Points for G/60 events:

1st - 36 points
2nd - 32 points
3rd - 29 points
4th - 26 points
5th - 21 points

6th - 18 points
7th - 14 points
8th - 12 points
9th - 8 points
10th - 4 points

Tied places will divide the points equally (rounded to two decimal places)

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